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        About TokaHome - About Toka

        Shanghai Toka electronics Co., Limited as an international brand China distributor ,founded in 2000, selling products throughout the aviation, marine, welding, automobile manufacture and various industrial applications.

        On March 10th, 2010,Toka established "Beta Shop-in-Shop" which located at Metal Street in Huangpu district, that's show charm of brand products further.

        Our company operates many well-know tools, that's include: BETA、KNIPEX、Sheffield、ENDURA、SATA、ROTHENBERGER、WITTE、RENNSTEIG. All products guarantee the quality, meet various industries demands.

        Now we have nearly 50 employees, made up of professional engineers for sales and technical service, also provide timely and satisfactory customer service. We adopts advanced enterprise management platform, specialized logistics for all over the country to provide on-time delivery assurance, professional sales engineer will provide you with quality advice and service.

        Concept: brand、innovation、benefit、harmony

        Version: To be theNo.1 distributor in China tools' industry

        Our core values:

        • Be honest、trust, respect employees, efforts to provide opportunities and platform for employees, we trust through continuous efforts, innovation and the pursuit of every employee can reflect the greatest value.
        • We emphasize communication, understanding and trust employees, respect employees ' choice, creating an inspiring work environment and the work atmosphere of mutual help and friendliness; creating opportunities of learning and training, continuous training of professional and technical personnel management personnel; to provide reasonable and competitive salaries, and other benefits associated with the success of the company.
        • We believe through management, innovation to set up a scientific management system, guarantee the quality of products and we believe that by providing customers with quality products and services, you can get a more reasonable profit to meet the employees ' needs, giving back to the community care and we believe that through hard work, so that we are able to do different, become the best and most cost-effective tools industry service companies.

        Company qualification:

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        Contact Information of General Manager:

        Tel: (021)62505258

        Email: zjc@tokatools.com

        Add: F4,17#,No.3199,Zhenbei Road Xingyun Economic Shanghai China